What is a vector and its application?

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I needed to give a brief explanation of the vector files that I give to those who are not familiar with this category of files. You will find vector files in the formats of wmf, eps, ai and so on. Usually you can use such formats as Photoshop, Corel, Adobe Illustrator and so on. The features that these files have in these formats can be mentioned as: Zoom in on such files without compromising quality or with no idleness - and still enlarge without compromising quality - Changes to such files with this format mean that you can, for example, insert an eps file into the kernel program and then fragment it and make changes to its appearance and shape or ... new Create. Vector files are converted to raster images, sometimes called bitmap. I found these explanations necessary for those on the ZinoArt site to view these files for download. Understand what this type of file usage is

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If you open these files in Adobe Illustrator and Corel the files will be redone and you can make any changes to the file without compromising quality. To open EPS, ai and WMf files in Photoshop, the layout is added as a layer in the Layer section and can be used for normal tasks without editing the file. How to open files in graphics software: From the File menu Open option, then the Open File window opens Select your desired file and click on Open option.

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